News for 2018, Q2

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We are undergoing a (small) shift in branding. This shift reflects recent developments in the field of deep learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence. The change in group title better reflects some of our recent work which deals with inference problems that are not necessarily related to the field of computer vision.

Recent news items

  • First year PhD candidate Tianhong Dai is giving a tutorial presentation on PyTorch at the Alan Turing Institute on PyTorch (August, 2018).
  • Congrats to Alison Pouplin and Katarzyna Janocha on their poster presentation at meets Medical Imaging meets Deep Learning; you can find the poster here.
  • Congratulations to Antonia Creswell for acceptance of Denoising Adversarial Autoencoders to the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks. You can find the full citation on our Publications page.
  • Congrats to part-time PhD candidate (and research associate) Letizia Gionfrida and Shanxin Yuan for winning the MedTechSuperConnector grant.
  • Congrats to Dr Zehra Uslu (PhD graduate) on the paper accepted at MICCAI 2018.
  • Congratulations to Cher, Kai and Antonia for winning their recent internship positions!
  • Congratulations to Dr Yumnah Muhamied on the abstract accepted for Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference of the European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society; a longer paper is in the works as well.
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